The Truth About Transmissions

The most important of all components in a car is the transmission. If you own a car that has the automatic transmission, then you are probably one of the lucky ones. This transmission allows your car to operate without needing any kind of engine to be used in order to turn the gears. This way you can just sit back and enjoy the driving experience. With the automatic transmission, your car will have the capability to move over faster and more smoothly than if you had the standard manual transmission. These transmissions were first used on the smaller and more luxurious cars such as the classic cars. They were first used on these cars because they had the steering wheels that were rather small and if you wanted to use this transmission, you had to have a regular person do the shifting while you could watch the whole thing go by. It was also more stable than the manual transmission. In the late eighties the auto transmission was adopted more, but some people still preferred the manual transmission because they thought that they needed more control over the vehicle.

The most common transmission problem is the transmission fluid. Sometimes, it has a tendency to have leaks and in some cases, there are other problems as well. You need to take into consideration how you want to use your car when it comes to taking it out. You can find out the cause of the transmission problem by having a checkup with your mechanic when you have an automatic transmission. You can ask him or her what the particular issue is and which specific part of the transmission that has broken down. Do not forget to include any other important things such as the power steering fluid. Also you should consider if your car is using the air conditioning system as well.

While you are doing the check up, it is important that you take note of the transmission fluid, especially if the transmission problem is a flat spot. Flat spots are one of the major causes of the transmission breakdown. If this happens, you need to replace the transmission fluid with the proper transmission fluid that you are supposed to use. One of the mistakes that people often make when it comes to replacing the transmission fluid is that they are too hasty in replacing the transmission fluid. For example, if you have a transmission problem that requires a transmission fluid that is a low grade, then you do not need to try to replace it with the transmission fluid that is a high grade. This could end up causing a lot of damage to your transmission.

However, there are many different types of transmission fluids and you can get a feel for which one you should use. You should know that an oil grade transmission fluid can last you for a longer period of time than an anti-seize fluid. There are also different types of transmission fluid to suit every individual and every make and model of car.